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I offer the following services to assist you and your student in this important process:

Course Selection Planning and Transcript Analysis

I work with families to optimize each student's schedule and maximize their postsecondary options based on the options available at their school. I will do periodic reviews of your student’s transcripts (after each report card period) to ensure we are on the right track and identify potential opportunities/holes in academics.

Action-Oriented Interest Inventory and Strength Assessment Facilitation

I utilize YouScience, an online career and personal planning discovery tool that identifies potential aptitudes and careers through a series of relatively short assessments. The information mined through YouScience will foster self-awareness while also being helpful for applications and essays later in the process.

College Search Assistance

Based on a myriad of factors, I help guide students and families in the process of searching for potential schools. There are thousands of colleges in the US alone! Narrowing these options down is often one of the biggest stress relievers for students, and I am here to help with that process. I will work with your student to develop a list of (most likely) 9-12 schools that are a good fit, to which the student will ultimately apply.

College Application Support

Some aspects of college applications are extremely simple and straightforward; some aspects are anything but that! I will work with your student from start to finish to ensure they turn in an accurate and polished application.

Intensive Essay Coaching

College admission essays are often considered to be the most stressful (and most procrastinated on) task in the application process. As a former English teacher with a strong understanding of what colleges are looking for in admissions essays, I am well-equipped to support your student through the process. I will work with your student to help their voice emerge in their writing and to ensure that their essay(s) enhance their application.

Financial Aid Support and Scholarship Strategizing

The financial commitment that comes with a college education is often one of the largest considerations for families. I  will work with you and your student to generate a list that supports your financial needs, and I will help your student find aid/scholarships where possible. There are so many scholarship search engines out there, it can be overwhelming to know where to start! I have some great strategies for finding scholarships that are most within a student's reach.

Help Making the Final Choice!

This is the truly exciting part! Once your student has done all of the hard work of selecting and applying for their schools, we get to review their offers and help them make a final choice based on their best fit!

Let's talk about how I can help you.

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