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Frequently Asked Questions

When should my student start working with a college counselor?

It is never too early for students and families to start familiarizing themselves with collegiate options and the various requirements for admission. My personal belief is that students can benefit from the guidance of a college counselor starting as early as eighth grade, as students plan their transition into high school. While I do not see this as a necessity by any means, there are pros to coaching at this level, as establishing a relationship at this stage means a student is better informed as they go through the process of high school course selection. For most students, a relationship with a college counselor is established during junior year. This provides time for proactive preparation and a less frantic approach. It is still meaningful to establish a relationship entering into senior year, but as the timeline is shorter, there will be more things that need to be accomplished in an abbreviated time period. I welcome the opportunity to assist students at any point in their educational journey.


How can I best support my student in this process?


By looking for an Independent Educational Consultant (IEC), you are already on the path to providing meaningful support for your student. When you find the right person, trust in the process and empower your student to be in the driver's seat of their future. Encourage, educate, support, and offer guidance, certainly, but let them lead the way. Empowering your child to follow their instincts on the kind of schools they’d like to attend, in what sort of location, etc. will increase the likelihood that their time and your finances will be spent productively. And then... just enjoy your child! They'll be off to college before you know it. 


Don’t school counselors already help with college searching and applications?

As a former school counselor, I can attest to the fact that–while hard-working, competent, and well-intentioned–traditional school counselors simply do not have time to deeply support all of their students with their postsecondary journeys. The average public high school student receives less than an hour of one-on-one college counseling service during their four years in high school. Additionally, help with applications and essays is minimal at best. As an IEC, I ensure my effectiveness by maintaining a small caseload. I create a warm, collaborative space where I can explore a student's strengths, weaknesses, interests and goals, taking the time that is needed for every step along the way.


Working with an IEC is a significant investment. But helping your student find the college that is the right fit for them and from which they will successfully matriculate is priceless in many ways and will ultimately save money (and stress) in the long term. 

What separates you from other IECs? Why should I/my student choose you?


I have worked as a counselor in three different states, leading to a wealth of knowledge of different systems and graduation requirements. Does this make me an expert on every state? By no means. But it means I have a broad understanding of different requirements and an understanding of how to dissect a transcript and find places to strengthen it.


I am also a former English teacher with a strong background in supporting students with their writing, as well as overall study habits. Having had my "boots on the ground" in schools not long ago, I understand what it means to be a student today and I coach skills in a way that resonates.


How will you help keep my student on track?


I find that having time specifically carved out for application work helps students focus on their tasks as they relate to the college search and application process. This leads to less student stress and more enjoyment of one’s life.


Once we select a final list of schools, we will have a clear timeline for your student’s applications. We will schedule meetings at regular intervals to track progress and troubleshoot any issues that arise. I will keep you informed throughout the process via recap emails after each meeting.

Do you offer test prep services?


Please be wary of an IEC who personally offers test-prep services unless they have specific expertise in this area. We’ve all heard the figure of speech, “jack of all trades, master of none.” In my opinion, there is simply too much to know about both college admissions (and all that goes with that) and test-prep to stay up-to-date and truly be an expert in both. That said, I am knowledgeable about the merits of different types of test prep (from free to pricey), and I have some fabulous resources that I would love to connect you with!


Do you offer in-person services?


Currently, I do not. I find remote meetings provide added convenience for students, as they can be conducted from the comfort of their home and do not require transportation to be factored in. Oftentimes, students will schedule meetings during an off-period at school in order to make the most of their time. 


I am local to the Denver-Metro area in Colorado. For inquiries about in-person meetings in this area, please contact me.


Other questions? Let's connect!

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