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The Personal Statement Blueprint is designed for rising seniors seeking support in crafting a powerful Personal Statement for college applications. Whether you're unsure of where to begin or how to proceed, this workbook is here to help! Drawing on the techniques of the Wow Method developed by college essay experts Kim Lifton and Susan Knoppow, the workbook takes you through a comprehensive ten-step process that demystifies the Personal Statement writing journey.


With this guide, you will learn how to effectively showcase your unique life experiences, strengths, and aspirations in a way that goes beyond your accomplishments. The workbook provides key terms, thought-provoking prompts, practical exercises, and actionable advice to empower you to nurture your writing style, brainstorm effectively, solidify your plan, and refine your essay through multiple drafts.


The Personal Statement Blueprint equips you with the tools and strategies needed to confidently create a Personal Statement that authentically reflects who you are and the gifts you’ll bring to your collegiate community. By following this comprehensive resource, you can enhance your chance of writing a Personal Statement that supports your applications, making a lasting impression on college admissions committees.


Get yours today to dive in NOW! 

The Personal Statement Blueprint

  • This item can be directly typed into using programs such as Microsoft Word and Google Docs.

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