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Feeling overwhelmed by the college search and application process? You're not alone! But what if you had a roadmap that outlined every step, with expert tips and resources at your fingertips?


The College Success Planner is your comprehensive guide to a more stress-free and successful college application journey. It’s packed with everything you need, from brainstorming your perfect-fit colleges to crafting a standout application that gets you noticed by colleges.


Inside you'll find:


  • Month-by-month guidance: Each month tackles key tasks, from exploring your interests freshman year to avoiding burnout while you ace applications senior year. 
  • Expert tips and tricks: Learn how to identify your ideal college, maximize your summer activities, track college data with ease, navigate financial aid appeals and so much more.
  • Time-saving resources: I've done the research for you! Get access to my curated list of valuable (and often free) resources to support your college journey.


Whether you’re a student trying to decode the college search and application process or a parent hoping to give your child the resources they need to take charge of their process (and understand it better yourself without annoying your kid), this is a must-have tool.


Stop feeling lost in the ever-changing college application maze. Take charge and make your college dreams a reality. Get your College Success Planner today!


Parent praise for the College Success Planner:

  • Everything is broken up into easy and manageable steps for your student and allows parents to take a step back.
  • SO helpful for getting my son started!
  • SUPER informative about Early Action vs Early decision. I want [my child] to do Early Action so we can be stress free by Christmas.


Student praise for the College Success Planner:

  • The College Success Planner is helping me stay on track. It helps me understand exactly what I need to be doing every month and the bonus tips are awesome.
  • I love this planner!!
  • I feel a lot more confident in what I'm doing because of the College Success Planner.


Grades 9-12 College Success Planner

  • The College Success Planner can be typed into directly or printed for use!


    Please note that grades 9 and 10 are one page per year rather than one per month.

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