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Let. Me. Help. You.

As a student, there are so many things to balance. Homework. Family. Friends. Activities. Sports. Work. Even the things we feel confident about can be stressful when there’s just too much going on. Add on trying to navigate a process you’ve never done before (but that really matters), and it can be enough to send some students into a downward spiral.

Do you relate to any of the following?

-You have no clue where you want to go or what you want to study, and you’re not sure where to start.


-You don’t feel confident about your writing, and especially not writing about yourself.


-You don’t feel like you have anything significant to write about or you’re not sure how “deep” to go on something you’ve been through.


-You are too busy and having a hard time finding the balance between setting yourself up for success in college AND enjoying your life.


-You are struggling to communicate with your parents about what you want or feel like you’re on different pages when it comes to tackling college applications.


-You know where you want to go and want help putting your best foot forward.


-You feel pressure from friends/family regarding where you should go or what you should major in.

If you connect with any of these statements,
I can help.

Whitney Talmage CCC Photo.png

As a former English teacher and high school counselor, I have worked with hundreds of students, supporting them with all of these things. I haven’t been a teenager for a while, but I am deeply entrenched in the things that tend to stress students out, and I have ways to help.

Let’s discuss how we can work together!

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