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Help your student.
Relax your mind.

Navigate the college application process with ease, with Essential College Consulting.


The process of searching for and applying to college can be a daunting one.

As a student applying to college for the first time, the process is often confusing and overwhelming. As a parent, even if you have gone through the steps before, things change so quickly it can be difficult to keep up. 

Do you want to ensure your time is well spent and your ultimate decisions are as well-informed as possible? Work with me! I can’t wait to help.

Hi, I'm Whitney!

I am an Independent Educational Consultant and former School Counselor and English teacher. My career in education has spanned over ten years and three states, and I have worked with hundreds of students and families, helping them gain access to institutions nationwide. I offer you and your student:

  • Course selection planning and transcript analysis services

  • Action-oriented interest inventory and strength assessment facilitation

  • College search assistance and application support

  • Intensive essay coaching

  • Financial aid support and scholarship strategizing

  • Help making the final choice!

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How I Work

My goal is simple: to demystify the college application process by providing step-by-step coaching that makes the experience less stressful and more approachable.


Our process is broken down into three manageable steps.





Why Work with Me?

Let’s be real: the prospect of applying for and choosing a college is daunting for the vast majority of students and families. Click below to learn more about how I can support you.

Let's discuss how I can help your student succeed!


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